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OOC Information:
Name: Prof
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IC Information:
Name: Akane Hino (preincarnation) / Annabelle Cino (reincarnation)
Canon and medium: Smile Pretty Cure (anime)
Age: 14 (preincarnation) / 15 (reincarnation)
Preincarnation Species: Human
Preincarnation Appearance: Here. Left is normal, right is when transformed.
Any differences: Nothing of note.
Preincarnated History:
Akane Hino was born to Daigo and Masako Hino. Several years later, after moving out of Osaka, Daigo opened an okonomiyaki restaurant out of his home, naming it "Akane" after his daughter as a gesture of whimsical sentimentality. Akane grew up surrounded by the business, learning how to make okonomiyaki herself and helping out around the restaurant. Beyond that, nothing abnormal happened in her life until 8th grade, when she met Miyuki Hoshizora, who turned out to secretly be a magical girl. Shortly after discovering this shocking secret, Akane's passionate heart unlocked her own magical powers, and she began her double life as Cure Sunny, fighting against the Bad End Generals as they attempted to revive Pierrot, Emperor of Evil, and doom Earth's future.

In-depth history here.

Reincarnated History:
Annabelle Cino was born in New York to Gallo Cino, branch manager of an italian restaurant, and Susanna Cino, middle school teacher. No particular special events transpired until Annabelle was 10 years old, at which time neither parent was very happy with their current spot in life - call it New York being an expensive and violent city or call it two coinciding midlife crises, but either way, they left.

They moved south, to the prosperous Locke City, where Susanna got a job with the local middle school and Gallo pursued his long-latent dream of starting his own restaurant. Thusly was Annabelle's opened, named after his daughter, carving out a modest niche in the Locke City culinary world. Young Annie quickly took to being part of a restaurant-owning family, learning to cook herself and later helping out as a part-time job during busy nights.

When Annie was starting 9th grade, strange things started to happen around the city. She didn't take any notice, though, until she became a part of them herself.

First Echo: At the library for a school project, attention wandering, Annie overhears a parent reading Little Red Riding Hood to their child. This echoes the memory of the villain Wolfrun, not only a sinister wolf-man but explicitly the same wolf depicted in the fairy tale in question.

Preincarnation Personality:
"The brilliant sun! Hot-blooded power!"

There's a reason Akane was chosen as Cure Sunny - she's like the sun herself. Shining bright, overflowing with energy, and radiating life into everything around her. She's a bottomless well of passion and energy. If people around her are feeling down, she'll drag them kicking and screaming into the world of happy enthusiasm. She has the sort of smile that infects people who look at it, and is almost always smiling.

Akane has a vast, diverse portfolio of interests. At the top of the list is cuisine - she's spent her whole life in a house that was also a restaurant, and developed the same passion for the world of cooking that her father had. When she's not cooking okonomiyaki, she's playing volleyball, her second true love. When it's not volleyball, it's manzai comedy. When its not comedy, it's cute things and snacks. She's constantly bouncing between activities, and never tiring of any of them. However, the end result is something of a superficial lifestyle at times - when asked what the thing she treasures most is, she had no idea. She just likes doing what she likes doing, and does those things all the time, because they make her happy. Introspection and seeking a greater meaning in the world are not things that come naturally to Akane.

And in all of these fields, Akane holds herself up to very high standards. At home, she looks up to her father to the point of never being satisfied with her own cooking unless it's at the exact same level, despite having years less experience. The slightest off day in the volleyball club sends her into a flurry of extreme self-inflicted training. She doesn't just want to do everything - she wants to be good at everything, too.

Akane's one of those people who wants to be friends with everybody. Not to the point of getting really worked up if someone doesn't like her, but she'll always extend the olive branch to new people. As a transfer student, she knows what it's like to be alone and intimidated by a new group of people, so she tries to alleviate that pressure on other outsiders by dragging them to the inside. Of the friends she does have, she is endlessly supportive and passionately protective.

Any differences:
A childhood growing up in New York instead of suburban Japan has left its mark on Annie. She can a bit more abrasive than her past self, mainly as a usually-unnecessary precaution to make sure that people listen to what she has to say. The circumstances of her upbringing and homeland make for more minor changes - her obsession with okomoniyaki is replaced with a fixation on all good italian food, her love of manzai is replaced with a love of Comedy Central standup comics.

Annie is more of a computer person than Akane - mainly as a way of keeping in touch with more people. Social creature that she is, she can't stay away from the ability to keep tabs on all her friends remotely. Nothing much beyond that, though - she couldn't program her way out of a paper bag, and the only games she plays are free casual tile-matching games.

Once she starts getting her powers back, she'll be much more careful about keeping them secret than Akane was - partially because she doesn't know a whole team of other Precures, and partially because she'll know by then that people like her are being actively hunted.

As one of the legendary Precure, Akane can transform by way of an artifact caled the Smile Pact, turning into the elaborately-costumed Cure Sunny. In this form, her speed, strength and durability are greatly enhanced, and she gains the ability to control fire.

Also, special attacks! Sunny's signature move is Sunny Fire, a volleyball-style spiked orb of purifying flames. The eventual upgraded version is Sunny Fire Burning, an enormous beam of evil-incinerating fire. Both of these draw from Akane's personal reserves of energy, so using them repeatedly is exhausting.

The list of abilities goes on (Rainbow Healing, Princess Form, Precure Rainbow Burst, Precure Ultra Rainbow Burst), but those are the only ones she can use without the other four members of her team.

Beyond her standard Cure powers, there are the Cure Decor - a large number of small items that can be placed in the Smile Pact for an assortment of minor effects, most of them causing various objects to appear - a giant strawberry, a spray of cherry petals, various costumes.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person:
"Welcome to Annabelle's! I'm Annabelle, and I'll be your server tonight!"

Annie loved her job. One of the things she loved about it the most was that little moment of confusion, the point when the customer's brain visibly shifted gears upon finding out that the high schooler serving their table was, in fact, the namesake of the restaurant. If possible, she preferred not explaining the story behind it - adds a bit to the mystique.

Really, though, she was grateful to have her part-time job now of all times, because it kept her busy while not requiring any sort of serious concentration. Waiting tables and the occasional kitchen job was something she could do in her sleep, and the last few weeks had given her a lot to think about. So, time to take stock.

First was Wolfrun. It would be weird enough suddenly remembering getting into a fistfight with a horror movie Wolfman, but for some reason she was absolutely sure that it was, impossibly, the same Big Bad Wolf from the classic fairy tale. What do you do with a thought like that? It was too nonsensical to dwell on. Throw it out until context makes it better.

Next, the powers. Sure, it was just the weird little Decor things right now, but she knew more were coming - Wolfrun wasn't the kind of person she could have been Past Life Rivals with if she was just fighting as a regular human. Which makes her... what? A superhero? Wizard? Cartoon heroine? What would that mean when she got her powers back? Would she have to put her life on the line and fight ThunderCorp's goons herself?

Well, there's no way to know until it happens, is there?

Annie took a deep breath and put on her best customer service grin as she emerged from the kitchen and back onto the restaurant floor. The future was coming whether she wanted it to or not, so why not face it with a smile?

Roleplay Sample - Network:

Any Questions?
None, for once.