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Name: Prof
Plurk: [profile] professorprof
Other characters played: Jones the NPC

Name: Akane Hino
Canon: Smile Pretty Cure
Overview: 14-year-old doofus who becomes a magical girl named Cure Sunny and fights alongside her team of five wacky magical girl friends against the Bad End Kingdom. Has fire-based magic powers. Is super into sports (specifically volleyball) and comedy (specifically really bad stand-up), and is just really gung-ho about life. Her family owns an Okonomiyaki restaurant that is named after her. Her central character motif is The Sun, which is probably also her tarot card.
Enrollment Status: New transfer.
Species: Mundane human who will soon awaken as a magical girl.
AU Overview: Annie Cino. Age 15, recent transfer to SAA from New York, New York. Her family is Italian, and owns a restaurant (named Annabelle), which she plans to take over some day. She has no idea what she's doing here, but she's about to become a magical girl, a fact that the SAA faculty mysteriously figured out beforehand, and contacted her family to get her roped into boarding school.

Regarding the name/ethnicity change, Akane in canon is specifically an out-of-towner from a trendy city with a really distinct accent and a thing for stand-up comedy (in that case, Osaka). Making her from New York instead preserves a lot of that atmosphere for her American AU.


Mar. 1st, 2014 11:14 am
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IC Contact

Oct. 29th, 2013 11:35 am
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What up, this is Annie, not here right now. I dunno why you aren't texting me, but leave a message and I'll get back to you whenever I remember to check my voice mail.

[Contact methods available: Phone, text, IM, unspecified social media website, email, skype.]

Info Post

Oct. 27th, 2013 10:12 pm
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Name: Annabelle "Annie" Cino (formerly Akane Hino)
Superhero Alter Ego: Cure Sunny
Age: 15 (August 12th, 1998)
Occupation: Student (Locke City High School, 9th grade, volleyball club)
Further Info/Plotting/Permissions: Here.
IC Contact: Here.
Full Application: Here.

First Echo: Being rivals with the villain from Little Red Riding Hood. Inspired by hearing a kid ask about why the Big Bad Wolf was such a bad guy compared to the woodsman who killed him.
Second Echo: The Banana Decor. Inspired by watching Roxy spontaneously generate pumpkins.
Third Echo: The Smile Pact. Triggered by being on a mission to the Tuning Towers.
Fourth Echo: The Red Ribbon Decor and her Precure transformation. Triggered by fighting giant snake statues.
Fifth Echo: Memory of the Smile Precure team and their mission, but no names. Triggered by punching thugs in the dead district.
Sixth Echo: The Piano Decor. Free holiday echo.
Seventh Echo: Reika / Cure Beauty. Triggered by Cure Diamond.
Eighth Echo: Sunny Fire and memory of the Giants of Despair. Triggered by Wise Snake.
Ninth Echo: Ability to not be recognized as Annie while Cure Sunny. Triggered by a light in Las Vegas.
Tenth Echo: The Dolphin Decor. Triggered by fighting a monster.
Eleventh Echo: Sunny Fire Burning. Triggered by moon snake.

Further Notes:
Restaurant overview here.
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Annie on the left, Cure Sunny on the right. 5'1", 115 lbs. Built like an athlete, noticeable New York accent.


Backtagging: Go ahead.
Threadhopping: Ask before hopping into a serious thread. For lighter threads, go nuts.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing I expect to come up with this character.


Friendly physical contact with this character: Allowed. Annie is a touchy and friendly person, with a tendency to hang all over her friends.
Violence against this character: As Annie? Allowed, if the plot calls for it. As Cure Sunny? Allowed 100%. Either way, this is a bit more of a light-hearted character, so let's not get too bloody.
Killing this character: No.
Flirting with this character: Allowed. She is, however, a goofy 15-year-old, so odds are pretty good that she'll laugh and make fun of you if she catches on.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go ahead.

Anything else: If you have questions, ask 'em. If you want to plot stuff, plot it here with gusto, or hit me up on plurk at [ profile] ProfessorProf.


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